The Galloway breed developed in the South Western part of Scotland, near Galloway town, and is the oldest breed of the British Isles. It has small body, and is genetically hornless, usually black, but there are grey, white, and red version as well. The new-born calves mahogany brown.

The greatest value of the breed is that is adapts extraordinarily well, even to rugged mountain circumstances, thus it has perfectly adapted to the circumstantles of ouf county. This breed is so old that it is simply called bison in its country as well as is Europe.

Due to its adaptation to the highland, it has short front legs, and its hooves spread wirder than those of other breeds. Its two-layer hide, which consist of long upper hair and thick hair underneath, enables it to endure extreme circumstances. Its grazing skills are excellent; it gets grass out even from under the snow. It consumes almost any kind of plant, so it keeps and leaves the grazing area in perfect condition.

The quality of its meat is characteristic, fully meets Anglo-Saxon consumers demands, so it sells very well in its home country.

Nowadays, demanding consumers are beginning to recognize the unique, properly marbled, wild-flavoured, outstanding quality beef of the Galloway breed.



  • Fertility
  • Grazing skills are excellent
  • Hornless
  • Adapts extraordinarily well
  • Quality beef